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Altered States

Hello Folks,

Been a while since a fresh post has graced these pages!

This one is a little different, a contribution from another poster on Topix who goes by the name of “Just A Wet Sock”(JAWS). It concerns something I’ve been thinking about and have seen others express also – how much “virtual world” is too much?  I occasionally play an online game “War2Glory”- it consists of building cities ,rising in rank(your officer) and raising armies to defend cities and war against others-on your own or in an alliance(with other players). They have a chat forum on the screen page of ‘play’ . I’ve begun to notice many of the same people on at any given time, and chatting as if this we’re their “reality”. Now I know one can project and get caught up in the moment,but many there seem to “eat and drink” this game. Some coming on  claiming “only a couple hours of sleep…gotta check my cities!”Also ,one can purchase items in the “Military Shop” to enhance your cities or armies performance. Some I find are spending  big bucks(according to their own admission), and those whose work include being online have post being threatened with firing due to being caught playing on work hours. Can you say ,”addiction”?

Without further ado, here’s a take from Topix poster “JAWS” that we shall know from herein as ‘John’


Hello Senecus,
I’ve just been doing the washing up with it in mind that I would come and put a reply in to your post.
What would it be like if all people in the world were to live their lives for posting on Internet forums, such as this one? Social interaction would be lost, and members of the same family would cease to know each other, because they would cease spending time together. They would become alienated. What too of friendships outside of the comforts of home? Each person living as though an Island, preferring to post to people who might live thousands of mile away.
I put something in this post, deleted it, and something is telling me to put it back in again.
What life have I been spared? Who knows apart from God?

In the days, weeks, and months that followed the night I met Jill, I used to tell myself I couldn’t possibly love her. I knew I liked her very much and that I loved her looks. For a long time that was as much as I was prepared to tell her. I can remember having very confused feelings about her. I used to tell myself I just didn’t know her well enough. I didn’t want to be carried away by some kind of infatuation. At the same time, it was an infatuation I didn’t want to have come to an end. When did I really come to love the person that is her? I don’t know. I really don’t and I probably never will know.
I have always understood love to be a fruit, and as such a growing thing rather than something that is suddenly just there. Beginning as a seed that needs nurturing with care.
I can’t put my arms round a computer, and there is no hair to brush away from the eyes. It’s very cold really and just doesn’t compare.
This computer doesn’t get viruses. It is Linux and uses Unbuntu. No colds no flu.
When it is poorly, I can’t really love it better. A part might need replacing now and again. Taken out for a replacement and binned. This is our second computer. The first one died, having lived a good life, and isn’t missed.

A few weeks in to the relationship, I can remember telling Jill that if she wanted to go out with other guys that was Ok by me. At the same time I let her know I was content to just be with her. She gave me the reply I wanted though.
There always has been just her. There is something very repulsive about the idea of being unfaithful to her. I just couldn’t. I’m not just saying that because there is a good chance Christine will read the post. I couldn’t hurt Christine either. I would hurt too.
My feelings towards my family is my measure to having the correct attitude of heart towards Christ my Saviour. That’s how I know I can’t be wrong. Love says it.

God bless.



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