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Love Jesus, Hate church?

Love Jesus, hate church…how can this be?  I remember this thought when it first broached my conscience , “How could I think such a thing! Why …akin to blasphemy!”  Even though a believer thinking this at the time ,being raised a pre-Vatican II Catholic instilled a ‘reverence'(more like fear) for the ‘edifice and organisation’. And that’s what I write about here ,not “The Church” (uppercase C) -our Saviour’s Body; but organised “church” (lowercase c). Some call it ‘religiosity’, ‘Pharisaical-ism’ or ‘churchianity’ – no matter which term you choose it’s really a distinct distaste for man’s attempts to ‘assist’ (add to/regulate) His grace that He freely gives.

This next clip has been out there for a year now, surprised I missed it, the young man puts it succinctly in a poem, enjoy! :







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