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As said in our “About” page ,this blog exists as a tribute to a group of fine people who have endured persecution on another forum thread of the same name. Many of these souls have been together for years and come from a variety of backgrounds,creeds and ethnicities- yet in spite of apparent differences,have become a “family” of sorts. And due to persecution they’ve endured by those who couldn’t see the  ‘value’ in this family,they’ve gone from thread to thread ,like the proverbial “Wandering Jew”,in search of a secure and peaceful  “homeland”.  My purpose here is to see one is provide, and if so then I’ve completed part of my mission.

And by no means do we seek to limit the contributors to the “Family”, all who wander by or step into “The Room” are welcome to leave a thought, a suggestion- and become a ‘family’ member.

With that I’d like to repost here the initial comment from what had become known as “The Golden Thread”; by an inquiring woman who goes by the name “Just Wondering” :

Feb 27, 2008

I’m human and without thinking, I probably sin once or twice a day. One of my worst is impatience. Another is gossip. Let’s face it, we all gossip and sometimes don’t even realize we’re doing it, like “did you hear about so and so whos name is in the paper” and that’s after it’s been passed along nine or ten times. Another is envy, especially when I hear of someone who has won the lottery and I think “Why them instead of me?” Laziness is another. I find myself picking up the tv remote instead of picking up the Bible and searching for the answer to a question that is bothering me and asking for guidance. I could go on and on but in my heart, Jesus and God are very important to me and I feel that I am loved in spite of the fact that I have to apologize to Him every day, sometimes more than once even though I feel in my heart that I don’t deserve the love and peace that follow. Anyhow, JMHO. Blessings to all, I for one am going to work on those that I have mentioned and hopefully be a better person for it.

The verse that comes to mind in summation is this:

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt. 6:20,21)

Now ,on another note, there will be several who are moderating here.  We realise discussions can become lively,even heated ,at times.  Not a problem. But when such degenerates to a ‘flame war’ and threats,those who engage in such will find their posts sent to “Moderation Hell” ,where there will be ‘weeping and banging of key board’.

So now with that aside, I invite you to have a seat on “Annie’s Bench” and just pour out whatever is on your heart.  If you come out in the ‘wee hours’,you may catch our venerable ‘Elder’  “Ham” there,seeking quite time with God,yet always open for a good conversation.

Or grab a coffee (or favourite beverage) and come out on a crisp morning, and find our “Epi” there to open the day with prayer and give a ‘word to live by’.

If you wait, Annie herself will come on by with a song and a smile. Or maybe Deb,to rouse the gang up in celebration.

Drew may set down to expound on the Word. Or Steve for some deep conversation. You’ll see many others come on by ,such as (in no particular order) –Phaerae,Educator,Lifelover,Malone,Trebor,Here for Now,Micah,Irrira,Mercy Carol,BoBB,Old SchoolGranny,Texas Granny,Baby-sister,Lele,Morning Dew,River Spirit,Hick-up and many others who wander by .

So ,  have a seat, get comfortable, enjoy the “scenery”, and open your heart…………


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